A Culinary Invitation: Dive into a Symphony of Flavors at Café the Plaza

There are menus, and then there are experiences. At Café the Plaza, we invite you to immerse yourself this October in a dining affair that promises to be more than just a meal; it’s a tantalizing journey through an array of exquisite flavors.

Begin with the Appetizers:

Let's start your evening on a high note with our 3-course choice menu:

Gouda Cheese Balls: A delightful fusion of tastes, they are drizzled with a sweet-tangy balsamic-raspberry glaze and partnered with crispy bacon strips. A refreshing pear salad with arugula and the crunch of caramelized walnuts balance the rich flavors.

Fried Mushrooms: Picture succulent mushrooms, encased in a crispy beer batter that offers a satisfying crunch with each bite. The garlic-parsley sauce on the side? Simply irresistible.

Move on to the Main Course:

Indulge in a sumptuous main course crafted with precision and passion:

Chicken Fillet: Not just any chicken dish. This is a chicken fillet generously filled with creamy Brie cheese. The side? A richly flavored mashed potato with a hint of spinach, accompanied by puffed cherry tomatoes, all drizzled with a creamy pepper sauce.

Red Snapper Fillet: Dive into the ocean’s best. Served atop a bed of aromatic pesto risotto, with a side of classic ratatouille, this fish dish is dressed with a tangy marinara sauce that’s bound to evoke memories of the Mediterranean.

Conclude with Dessert:

Because what’s a fine meal without a sweet ending?

Lava Cake: Not just a dessert but a sensory experience. Watch as the molten core flows and enjoy the tropical notes of Malibu pineapple. The coconut ice cream on the side? It’s the cherry on top.

Our menu is a culmination of our love for fine food, crafted to offer you an unforgettable dining journey. It’s more than just dishes; it’s a story we want to share, a memory we wish to create with you.

So, let's embark on this gastronomic voyage together. Book your table at www.cafetheplaza.com and let our culinary masterpieces enchant your palate. Price for this menu is $27.50 per person. The symphony of flavors awaits.

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